~ Tips and trics for drinking birds ~

Here are some hints that can help you enjoying your drinking bird for a long time:

  • This is not a toy for children under 8 years: the glass can easily break and contains a harmfull liquid. child
  • Some contain ether, which is highly flamable. GHS-picto1
  • Others contain methylene chloride, which is irritating for the skin. GHS-picto2
  • In case of breaking glass take care for good ventilation, use gloves during cleaning.gloves
  • The stand of the bird might move from it's location. Take care for a good location and if necessary for a fixation of the stand.
  • Avoid direct sun light and sudden changes of the temperature of the environment. Especially Schluckspecht type of drinking birds reacts on it.
  • When there is no cup underneath the bird it will tumble over and might break.
  • If you have a cat, take care that the cat cannot catch the bird. Cats also like drinking birds.cat

Usage and maintenance to keep good operation:
  • Use destilled water for examaple water for steam iron or battery. When tap water is used the calcium in the tap water will cumulate on the head.
  • Renew the water in the cup frequently, preferably weekly, but at least once a month. In time fungi will grow in the water and makes the water and the head feel lubricous.
  • The head can be cleaned by putting it some time in a cup with vinegar. Rinse the head carefully with lukewarm water.
  • Take care that the tube and the body don't get wet. Mostly there is then too much water in the cup.

  • Ususally the factory adjustments are sufficient for a good operation of the bird. If you want to optimize the bird's movement here are some suggestions:
  • The frequency of drinking can be adjustded by moving the bird upwards/downwards in the pivot (adjustment1).
  • The swing (except for the Schluckspecht type bird) can be adjusted by bending the pivot forwards or backwards (adjustment2). The optimal position can be obtained by adjusting the pivot in such a way that the bird, is hanging forwards with an angle of 10 ° with the vertical axis. This adjustment must be done with a wet head and all liquid in the body. If you have no confidence and/or no patience it is better not to adjust the pivot.
  • The swing of the Schluckspecht type bird can be adjusted by pasting a piece of gum on the body.
  • See also the instruction manual of the glub glub drink up duck.


Adjustment of the pivot