~ Rocking Stork ~

These beautifull drinking birds (Rocking Stork, Trinkvogel, Schluckspecht, Trinkende Ente) are handmade, glassblown products from The Czech Republic and are still commerially available.
The older Schluckspect/Rocking Stork type of drinking birds contain ether which is highly flammable. The new type Schluckspecht drinking bird does not contain ether as liquid, but it contains a safe cooling liquid. With this liquid the new type rocking stork complies with the European directive 2001/95/EG regarding product safety.
They are in 3 sizes : small (12 and 14 cm), medium (16 and 18 cm) and large (21 cm). Because they are handmade each drinking bird is slightly different and shows a little different behavior.
These drinking birds are available on www.drinkingbirdstore.eu
rocking stork